DIBZ is a cannabis infused
gummy with deep Chicago
roots. Committed to working
hard to earn what’s ours.

There’s simply no question
who’s the best. It’s DIBZ,
we’ve already called it.


Our canary-colored Yellow Raspberry Gummy has
hints of honeyed apricot layered with a raspberry finish.

100mg THC (10mg THC x 10)


Our White Peach Gummies are made with the highest degree of confectionary excellence. A fresh peach flavor lingers and leaves a smooth aftertaste that is mouthwatering and juicy.

100mg THC (10mg THC x 10)


Our Lime Ginger Gummy is an original flavor, crafted in harmony, with citrus tones and ginger notes. Each piece is an elusive balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy, leaving you refreshed with this unique blend.

100mg THC (5mg THC x 20)


The Huckleberry Lemonade Gummy has a wild berry sweetness, combined with a sunshine lemonade smack reminiscent of summertime Chi.

100mg THC (10mg THC x 10)
50mg CBN (5mg CBN x 10)

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